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Austin, Texas   Nashville, Tennessee

Graduate Revolution is a Sales Recruitment and Training Specialist.

Headquartered in Austin Texas with offices in Nashville, Tennessee, Graduate Revolution is a sales development consultancy - helping with sales recruitment and training.

Focusing on college graduate sales jobs and their value within the sales teams of its clients. We ensure the continued development of both parties.

Working to find the right graduates for our process and using this process to improve the sales performance of our clients. Graduate Revolution is changing the landscape of sales.

If you’re a college graduate looking for advice on a career or a company looking to improve your sales performance, we can help.


We specialize in sales recruitment and sales training across the US.

However, surely there's someone you know already or you could do it better yourself, right? 

We get it, whether you're building your startup or just trying to make sure you hit your quarterly target. Sales recruitment is a necessary evil and you might have had some bad, annoying and expensive experiences in the past. You're also likely getting at least 5 companies a week promising the earth for your business, which leads to the experiences outlined above!

So, why GradRev?

  • We are a master of one trade and a Jack of none. All we do is Sales recruitment. You wouldn't want a Physical Therapist who does some Accounting on the side doing your books would you?!
  • From engagement to placement our average is 10 days. 
  • Our clients see on average 1.8 candidates before making an offer. You've had sales meetings that take longer.
  • On average, you'd need to hire 10 people through us to simply match the salary you'd pay an internal recruiter.
  • Oh, did we mention there's NO commitment to working with us, even if you see people for interview.
  • One final thing, we protect any investment you make with a 90 day replacement period. 

So, there you go. Be brave, give GradRev a chance to try and make a difference. We can save you time, money and improve your key sales ratios. 

Surely it’s worth hearing how it works?

We’ll meet with any company for an initial consultation to see what synergy may exist.  

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Graduate Revolution recruits for equal employment opportunity employment for all qualified persons and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, veteran status, disability, genetic information, military service, or other protected status.